PHYS-700 / 3 crédits

Enseignant(s): Galland Christophe Marcel Georges, Volet Nicolas

Langue: Anglais


Every year


This course introduces the principles of nonlinear optics, their use in photonic integrated circuits and the applications of this technology for telecommunication, spectroscopy and metrology.



photonics, integration, lasers, light-matter interactions, nonlinear optics, waveguides

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

Electromagnetism, Optics

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Explain the physics behind the selected nonlinear optical effects;
  • Model a selected device and/or circuit in a design study;
  • Explain how a photonic integrated circuit can be made and in which materials;
  • Discuss the trade-offs that have to be made when choosing a platform and designing a circuit.


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Dans les plans d'études

  • Nombre de places: 99
  • Forme de l'examen: Exposé (session libre)
  • Matière examinée: Integrated Nonlinear Photonics
  • Cours: 28 Heure(s)
  • TP: 28 Heure(s)

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