MATH-681 / 1 credit

Teacher: Hess Bellwald Kathryn

Language: English

Remark: Spring semester


Every year


In this reading group, we will work together through recent important papers in applied topology. Participants will take turns presenting articles, then leading a discussion of the contents.


The field of applied topology is growing extremely rapidly, in terms of both the development of new theory and the elaboration of significant new applications. The goal of this reading group is to provide a framework in which to survey the literature efficiently, to ensure that all participants are aware of the most significant recent developments.


PhD students participating in the course for credit must give two presentations of all or part of an article selected by the course coordinator.   


In the spring semester of 2021, we will focus in particular on various papers concerning Laplacians on simplicial complexes and their relation to Hodge decompositions, harmonic representatives, spectral clustering, diffusion processes, and random walks.


Applied topology, network, machine learning



[1] "Some new results on the combinatorial Laplacian" , see attachment
[2]  "Control using Higher Order Laplacians in Network Topologies", see attachment

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  • Exam form: Oral presentation (session free)
  • Subject examined: Reading group in applied topology II
  • Lecture: 14 Hour(s)
  • Type: optional

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