MSE-211 / 5 credits

Teacher(s): Frauenrath Holger, Görl Daniel

Language: English


This course provides a basic foundation in organic chemistry and polymer chemistry, including chemical nomenclature of organic compounds and polymers, an understanding of chemical structures, chemical reaction mechanisms, as well as methods of organic and polymer synthesis.



covalent bond, organic compounds, nomenclature, isomerism, substitution reactions, addition reactions, elimination reactions, molecular weight, thermoplasts, elastomers, fibers, polycondensation reactions, polyaddition reactions, chain polymerization reactions, living polymerizations, polyolefins, polymethacrylates,polyesters, polyamides, polycarbonates, polyurethanes

Learning Prerequisites

Required courses

General Chemistry

Recommended courses

General Chemistry

Important concepts to start the course

A notion of atoms and molecules
A notion of basic thermodynamics

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student must be able to:

  • Describe the formation of covalent bonds, molecular structures (organic compounds, polymers)
  • Draw molecular orbital diagrams, molecular structures (organic compounds, polymers)
  • Compare covalent bonds, molecular structures, isomers
  • Formulate reactions (organic synthesis, polymers)
  • Decide between reaction mechanisms (organic synthesis, polymerisations)
  • Derive compound names from molecular structures and vice vera
  • Discriminate reaction mechanisms (organic synthesis, polymers)
  • Propose polymerization methods

Transversal skills

  • Communicate effectively, being understood, including across different languages and cultures.
  • Use a work methodology appropriate to the task.

Teaching methods

ex cathedra, slides and blackboard, interactive exercises

Expected student activities

attendance to lectures
active participation in lectures (questions, feedback)
solving the exercise sheets (at home)
active participation in exercises (demonstrating
solutions on blackboard)
complementing course work with organic and polymer
chemistry textbook (at home)

Assessment methods

Written examination


Moodle Link

Prerequisite for

All courses related to chemistry and polymer science

In the programs

  • Semester: Fall
  • Exam form: Written (winter session)
  • Subject examined: Organic chemistry
  • Lecture: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks
  • Exercises: 1 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks
  • Practical work: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks
  • Practical work: 2 Hour(s) per week x 14 weeks

Reference week

9-10   INM200 
11-12   INM200 
14-15   AAC132 
16-17   AAC132 

Thursday, 9h - 11h: Lecture INM200

Thursday, 11h - 12h: Exercise, TP INM200

Thursday, 14h - 16h: Exercise, TP AAC132

Thursday, 16h - 18h: Exercise, TP AAC132