MICRO-623 / 1 credit

Teacher: Sallese Jean-Michel

Language: English

Remark: May 21, 24, 28 & 31 from 10h15 to 12h / June 4 from 10h15 to 12h / June 7 from 10h15 to 12h and 14h15 to 16h


Every 2 years


The course provides an in depth modeling of emerging field effect transistors in CMOS technologty. Starting from the basis, the course will gardually introduce essential aspects to end up with a rigorous description of key features, Nanowire FET & its application to biosensing will also be analyzed.



multigate FET, FinFET, junctionless FET, nanowires, bio-sensors, ballistic, HEMT

Learning Prerequisites

Recommended courses

Basic course in maths, physics


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In the programs

  • Number of places: 20
  • Exam form: Written (session free)
  • Subject examined: Modelling micro-/nano- field effect electron devices
  • Lecture: 14 Hour(s)

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