ENV-621 / 3 credits

Teacher(s): Altshuler Ianina, Bell Emma, Bernier-Latmani Rizlan, Carratala Ripolles Anna

Language: English

Remark: You will need to install software on your laptop to be able to participate in this course. The second half of the course will take place Jan 29th - Feb 2nd 2024.


Every 3 years


This course will train doctoral students to use bioinformatic tools to analyse amplicon and metagenomic sequences. In addition, we will also touch upon meta-transcriptomics and meta-proteomics.



Dr. Emma Bell


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In the programs

  • Number of places: 20
  • Exam form: Oral presentation (session free)
  • Subject examined: Hands-on bioinformatics for microbial meta-omics
  • Lecture: 40 Hour(s)
  • Practical work: 40 Hour(s)

Reference week

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